In our beloved state of Minnesota the Summer months are fleeting and we take our glimpse of Vitamin D seriously. We compiled a sort of serious list of absolute essentials for your days spent in the sun/near water/whatever. Enjoy.

  • Molly swears by Sun Bum sunscreen & to make sure you have a coozy for your beer (duh).

  • Beth suggests anything and everything from Sunny Life.

  • Emily Charlie are die hard for a fab bottle(s) of Rosé. Find Charlie's fave here.

  • Marlee Brittany indulge in A poolside Oribe & Shue Uemera product cocktail.(Found in both salon locations) use Après beach for maintenance and frizz free texture. Brittany loves a combo of Shue Uemura Wonder Worker & Oribe's Maximista on wet hair for a rad style that can dry in the sunshine.

  • Lastly...where would we be without an inflatable hammock...oh Lauren. Thanks for the lounge demo.

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Published on by Amanda Moses.