We are honored to announce that HAUS is partnering with The American Refugee Committee (ARC) in the Nu Po Refugee Camp in Thailand. We've started a GoFundMe page to help gather funds for this worthy cause.

Domestic violence is a universal issue and as hairdressers we create a safe place for people to open up about their experiences with it. The ARC serves to train hairdressers living and working in the Nu Po camp to spot signs of domestic violence and to offer victims of domestic violence the resources they need to get help. With The ARC, HAUS is providing modern haircutting, styling and salon business training to our fellow hairdressers living in the Nu Po Refugee camp in Thailand.

The money we are raising will be a donation to the American Refugee Committee. A team from HAUS Salon will join ARC in Thailand in April 2016 to facilitate the workshop we've created together. In addition, ARC will use the funds to build the skills of Nu Po's hairdressers as they step up to fight domestic violence.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 by March 2016 for the American Refugee Committee. Will you help us spread the word and raise funds for this great cause? Thank you for taking the time to visit out Go Fund Me page to learn more about HAUS Salon's partnership with The American Refugee Committee.


Published on by HAUS Salon.