We are an authority in modern American hairdressing and spa services. Your artistry and business is supported by HAUS leadership and our collaborative team.  We will guide you to grow, and push you out of your comfort zone. We will hold you accountable for your business while doing everything we can to support it and make you successful, whatever that looks like for you.  Our culture is friendly, fair, inspired, and constantly striving to become better.  Our environment supports creativity and respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

HAUS apprentice program


Our mission is to create not just jobs but careers for people that allow them to live great lives, have families, retire someday, and always, always, encourage people to be themselves.


We achieve our mission by offering full medical, dental, and disability benefits, 401k, paid time off, holidays off, profit sharing, and flexible scheduling.  We strive to offer you the best in advanced education, both from your HAUS salon peers as well as industry giants. We nurture creativity through our annual team collections which has garnered us three NAHA nominations. Owners Charlie and Jessica meet quarterly with every member of our team. Our managers are dedicated to our team's success. Your success is our success! The result is a team that feels more like a family than a work environment.

Our hands-on 18-month program prepares you for a sustainable career as a professional hairdresser. Our philosophy at HAUS is such that investing 18 months in your education with our education team has you doing hair like a 5 year+ pro when you hit the floor.


LEVEL One | months 1 TO 3

  • Developing professionalism.

  • Blowout training and 60 min color finishes

  • Intensive fine-tuning of all styling, finishing and glossing to ensure foundational skills are current.

  • How to assist and support the hair team while gaining a holistic understanding of how the salon operates.

LEVEL Two | months 4 TO 6

  • 45 min color finishes

  • Thorough dive into all things technical within your chosen domain.

  • Models begin after a thorough deep-dive into theory of your domain.

  • Homework + mannequin work due weekly

  • Cleanliness during finishes, models, shampoos

LEVEL Three | months 7 TO 9

  • 60 min tint applications, 105 min full foils, 90 min haircuts

  • Introduction to double booking

  • Your books will become open for client blowouts

  • Cleanliness during finishes, models, shampoos

  • Compensation increases

LEVEL Four | months 10 TO 12

  • Ability to mentor Level One artists

  • 45 min tint applications, 90 min full foils, 75 min haircuts

  • Continue to successfully double book clients

  • Books become open on Mondays for models

  • Compensation increases

LEVEL FIVE | months 13 TO 15

  • Double booking models comfortably

  • Showing leadership with new artists

  • 60 min haircuts, 45 min tint applications

  • Compensation increases

LEVEL SIX | months 16 TO 18

  • Meeting all timing requirements

  • Begin Instagrams of client work

  • 45 min haircuts, 60 min new client haircuts, 45 min tint applications

  • Transition period to becoming full time artist

  • Compensation increases

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Education is at the core of our culture. As trends evolve, we too must adapt. In order to remain current, we offer a myriad of advanced education classes, with topics based on the wants and needs of our team. HAUS offers internal and external advanced education opportunities multiple times a year to our team to keep them inspired and motivated when working behind the chair.

HAUS offers to cover the upfront cost of any outside education class you choose to take, and allows you to payroll deduct the cost at a level that leaves you comfortable but makes outside education attainable for you.  HAUS also covers a portion of the overall class cost - even more if you come back and teach the crew what you’ve learned!

The HAUS apprenticeship was like graduate school after college, a time to focus on what I love most and perfect my hair coloring skills. The things you learn in beauty school are the basics and only the starting point. The craft comes after. At first you know very little about how the industry truly works, how to thrive, how to balance yourself, how to earn clients. At HAUS I got a supportive community of professionals to guide me. Four and a half years after completing the program, I have become more successful than I could have imagined in this industry. Being an apprentice at HAUS is hard work, but it’s worth it in the end. I promise.
— Lauren / HAUS Salon North Loop
At Haus I feel like a valued member of the team, where my voice is heard and my ideas are taken seriously. The environment is supportive and fosters creative and professional growth. I’ve never been in a job where so much emphasis is placed on continued education to develop skills and stay ahead of the curve. My peers are the best in the industry, which keeps me on my toes. I’m continuously motivated to do my best.
— Maritza / HAUS Salon Northeast


After successfully completing our program, level 1 service providers on average experience a 40% increase in service sales and a 20% increase in product sales once on the floor after 1 year. So far, 60% of our graduates have received price increases at their first annual review (within 6 months of hitting the floor). Our esteemed training paired with our award-winning salon teams and nurturing environment create the perfect incubator for successful careers.  

I enrolled in an apprenticeship after Cosmetology school to improve my core skills and be better at cutting hair. After completing the HAUS apprenticeship, I can’t even imagine starting work at a salon right out of school. After waiting so long to become a stylist, I wanted to start my career off right. This program gave me skills, confidence, and clients almost right away after I completed the apprenticeship. Choosing to do an apprenticeship was the best decision I could have made for my career and I am so excited for all of the opportunities that it has given me. Specializing in your craft will make you that much better.
— Marina / HAUS Salon South Minneapolis
During my HAUS apprenticeship, our education team gave me the perfect stepping stones to hit the floor in stride in a high-intensity salon. Observing how other successful colorists and stylists are able to build their business as well as their hair repertoire in a fast-paced work environment was extremely helpful. As a salon we are always growing and learning. It was a truly great experience having a team of the most talented artists in the business provide me with tips, tricks, and insights that I couldn’t have received anywhere else.
— Joy / HAUS Salon North Loop
Learning from different educators every Monday has made me such a versatile colorist. This program has taught me not only about coloring hair, but it has also taught me how to build my business while still focusing on my soft skills to set me apart from other artists.
— Hailey / HAUS Salon Northeast


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